Court Services

Photo of Captain Howard Ensley

Captain Howard Ensley
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Captain Howard Ensley commands the Court Services Division. He is responsible for the administration of the division and oversees all of its functions and operations.

Captain Ensley is a 44-year veteran peace officer, beginning his career with the Murray County Georgia Sheriff’s Office in 1973.

Prior to joining our agency in March 2013, Howard Ensley served the citizens of Murray County as their Sheriff for 24 years.

Captain Howard Ensley  served as a deputy in the Court Services Division prior to being promoted to lieutenant and being assigned as the Court Services Watch Commander. On April 4, 2016, he was promoted to captain and assumed command of the Court Services Division.

Captain Ensley is a 2001 graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy. He also is a graduate of the Georgia Sheriff’s Academy and the Cobb County Police Academy. Captain Ensley is a past president of the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes and is an active member of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association. He has attained over 1900 hours of advanced and specialized training. During his long and distinguished career, Howard Ensley has dedicated himself to the advancement and betterment of all phases of law enforcement.

Captain Ensley enjoys spending his off duty time on his small farm and especially enjoys his time with his grandchildren. Captain Howard Ensley holds the honor of being the longest active serving law enforcement officer in the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office.

Photo of Lieutenant James Knight

Lieutenant James Knight
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The Court Services Division is responsible for a variety of different jobs including:

  • serving warrants
  • civil papers
  • prisoner transport
  • security of the courts
  • security for different County meetings

Members of this division are on call to handle out-of-county trips 24 hours a day.

Photo of Gilmer County Court Services Division Staff