Uniformed Patrol

Photo of Captain Brian Crump

Captain Brian Crump, Division Commander
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The Gilmer County Sheriffs Office Patrol Division consists of 30 uniformed deputies. There are two shifts consisting of one Watch Commander (Lieutenant), one Sergeant, and four Patrol Deputies. 

The Uniformed Patrol Division prides itself on improving the security of persons, homes, and businesses and educating each to protect themselves. Even with the rapid growth of the County, the Uniformed Patrol Division still sets the standards for other agencies to follow and is second to none.

Photo Of Lieutenant Gene Hefner

Lt. Gene Hefner, Night Shift Lieutenant
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Photo Of Lieutenant Mark Patrick

Lt. Mark Patrick, Day Shift Lieutenant
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The Patrol Division works twelve-hour shifts. Uniformed deputies patrol and provide professional law enforcement services for approximately 427 square miles of unincorporated Gilmer County. 

The Watch Commanders have the responsibility to assign personnel to one of four zones, providing services consisting of crime prevention, traffic control, maintaining order, investigating crimes, apprehending offenders, responding to an emergency (E911) and non-emergency calls for service, and the needs of the county citizens and business owners.